Centre For Marine Studies & Placement Guidance  is a modern campus located in the Chennai a city with long maritime past. Our new facilities are unrivalled nationally and rivals that best maritime institutes around the world. With our state of the art simulations and safety training ground provide the very best opportunity for students to train for real life situation using the most advanced industry-standard equipment.

Our facilities include bridge, High Voltage and liquid cargo operations simulators for higher level training, our specialist training facility is the only one in the East of India and one of only a few centres in the world will all the facilities under one roof.

All our call room are equipped with the latest smart teaching equipments to make each session more interactive and comprehensive. All our class rooms are Air conditioned for the comfort of out students and our building has enough parking available for our visitors.

  • Fire Ground
  • Bridge room simulator
  • Engineroom simulator
  • Maritime Safety Facilities
  • Liquid Cargo Handeling Simulator

    CMS provides the best of education, training, consultancy and research services to the international shipping, commercial yacht, and offshore industries. We are a world class maritime education and training provider.


    No: 83, 84 & 85, 2nd Floor, J.J Complex, Thirumangalam, Anna Nagar, Chennai - 40.


    +91 89395 18453 / +91 89391 95685 / +91 81223 74998